Rick Ostidich

e-mail: ostidich@enet.it

Rick was born in July 10th, 1969. The complete name is "Riccardo Vitaliano degli Ostidich di Székesfehérvár e di Croazia".
He was born in Italy, but his great-granfather was Hungarian/Croatian.
The legend tells that his ancestors comes from the Far East...

Strawinski, Mussorgski, Carl Orff,
Voivod, Morbid Angel, Cryptopsy, Kataklysm, Dead Can Dance, Genesis, Änglagĺrd, Gentle Giant, Kansas,
Rush, Ozzy & Black Sabbath, Joe Satriani,
Inti Illimani, Alan Stivell, The Chieftains...

Extreme sports, aerobatic flight and soaring,
PC Assembly Language programming, Drums and Guitars.

Flight Unlimited (top scorer!!),
Werewolf vs Comanche, Descent, Quake, Hexen, Dragon Lore.

Rick is Sailplane pilot and a TWAC Archery Instructor.
Past activities include Rugby, Trial and Trekking.

Mexican Food (Jalapeńos, Enchiladas), Tequila above all,
New York Steaks, Beck's beer, red wine,
Camel cigarettes without filter, and more.

Rick is the author of Ombra.exe, the famous image viewer.
This is the official site where to download the latest version:

Ombra723.zip 96 Kbytes
Image viewer, true-color, real-time mouse zooming and panning, color editing, menus.

Short description:
Supports GIF, PCX, TGA, BMP and RAW images, including true-color versions.
Colors editing include Brightness, Contrast, Grey, Hue (color plane shifting),
Color cycling, Solarize, background and transparency adjustment.
All functions can be controlled by pull-down, semi-transparent menus.
Mouse zooming and panning is about 50 frames per second at 640x480 with
a simple Cirrus Vesa local bus. Support up to 1600x1200 video modes.
Real-time interpolation, mirrors, rotations, image saving.

Hand-crafted in pure assembly language, 32bits protected mode, Pentium optimized.

nasalogo.gif (3102 byte)

Ombra.exe is used by NASA - Goddard Space Flight Center,
at the Laboratory for hydrospheric processes, regarding the project:

Passive Microwave Derived Daily Polar Sea Ice Concentration Time Series.

These scientific data are released on FTP and CD-Roms along with Ombra.exe
as the data image viewer.
You can see the credits in the "GSFC Software" section.